Make it easy on yourself and simplify your life with these practical accessories to match the Quinny stroller of your choice.
  • Going rough?

    All Terrain Tyres

    For Buzz, Buzz Xtra

    For the road less traveled, these Quinny Buzz and Buzz Xtra all-terrain tyres will take on any surface.

  • You want a four wheel?

    Buzz four wheel unit

    For Buzz

    Prefer a 4-wheel stroller? This easy to install front wheel unit transforms your 3-wheeler into the 4-wheel stroller of your dreams.

  • Have a drink!


    For Buzz, Zapp Xtra, Moodd, Zapp

    For your tall iced coffee or junior’s water: this clip-on cupholder carries your drinks without spilling.

  • From birth solution

    Foldable carrycot

    For Moodd, Buzz, Buzz Xtra

    The Foldable Carrycot fits the Quinny Moodd, Buzz and Buzz Xtra and offers optimum lie-flat sleeping comfort for your newborn up to around 6 months.

  • How to travel with my stroller?

    Travel bag

    For Yezz, Zapp Xtra

    Pack your bag, pack your stroller and off you go! (Only compatible with the Zapp Seat Insert stroller configuration)

  • Protect your baby from rain

    Yezz raincover

    For Yezz

    Don't let the rain stop you: the Quinny Yezz rain cover makes sure any raindrops or snowflakes stay out.

  • Zapp seat insert

    For Zapp Xtra

    Convert your Quinny Zapp Xtra into a portable travel unit.

  • Want to add some protection?

    Zapp Xtra Bumperbar

    For Zapp Xtra

    This bumperbar easy clicks on the Zapp Xtra to offer your child more protection.


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