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The travel hero

The Quinny Yezz is ideal for moving around town. When folded, the shoulder strap leaves both hands free. And unfolding takes only one hand! Comfy hammock seat is perfect for relaxing or taking a nap.

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Why choose Yezz?

  • Lightweight


    The Quinny Yezz is a real lightweight: only 5.6kg! Easy to push and light to carry.
  • Carry it over your shoulder

    Carry it over your shoulder

    Quick to fold and easy to carry using the shoulder strap. Your ideal travel partner.
  • Compact package

    Compact package

    One-handed folding at the push of a button. Turns the buggy into a tiny package.
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  • Comfortable hammock seat

    Comfortable hammock seat

    Sit back and relax or take a nap: the comfy hammock-like seat is up for whatever you want to do.
  • Ergonomic pushbar

    Ergonomic pushbar

    The pushbar of the Yezz suits parents of every height.
  • One finger push

    One finger push

    Innovative skate wheels make the Yezz super easy to push.
  • Water-resistant fabrics

    Water-resistant fabrics

    Simply wipe away any spills.
  • Stand by itself when folded

    Stand by itself when folded

    Store the self-standing Yezz in even the smallest of spaces.
  • Storage pocket

    Storage pocket

    Take your must-pack items in the storage pocket that holds up 2kg.
  • Rain cover

    Rain cover

    With the rain cover you’re always ready to go in any weather.
  • Travel bag

    Travel bag

    This sturdy zippered bag protects your stroller on all your travels.

Included accessories

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Lifetime Warranty

Never stop strollin'

Parenting just got a little bit easier! A Quinny Lifetime Warranty is given to everyone who buys a brand new Quinny from January 1st 2015 and registers within three months after purchase. So don’t forget to register!

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Rating & reviews

Let down by harness


Initially after purchasing the Yezz I couldn't fault it. Lovely to push easy to fold nice and light. However I now find the harness does not stay in the holes of the backrest. The buckle constantly comes through the hole meaning my little one (23mths)is no longer strapped in safely. I find this to be a big safety issue and as a result I now no longer use my yezz which is such a shame



simple but perfect


Brought this last summer for out summer holidays, its very light therefore fit in the car boot. Easy to move in and out the car and on little trips when your little one can not walk too far. Only downfall is it doesn't not recline. Great value for money, it also looks neat, my frame had cracked after 9 months: I sent it back to Quinny and they repaired it straight away and I also got warranty on the repair. I would recommend to everyone and I rerly write reviews.



Love my yezz


Absolutely love the yezz. Got it as a second buggy for when picking my older son up from nursery. Allows me to punch my youngest while still holding my eldests hand. So easy to push with one hand. Also super handy for taking on long days out incase my 3 1/2yo gets too tired as he still comfortably fits, even in the harness!



Fantastic stroller


I bought the yezz in blue loop about 4 weeks ago. Its absolutely fantastic. The colour is very vibrant and absolutely gorgeous. I bought it because i have physical disabilities and find putting my stroller in and out of the car hard work. The yezz is tiny and very light when folded. Its very easy to fold aswel. My littlw one is 17 months and he loves getting in the yezz. He has napped in it a few times . its doesn't recline but he was still comfortable and his head didn't flop forward. It was a very big pocket on the back of the seat. its amazing how much you can get in it.





Fantastic Stroller, use it for my 3 year old & still light to push! Soon using it for my 18 month old in the summer months, would benefit from a basket but other than that its a brilliant stroller



Stylish and compact


When it arrived I was surprised at how small the box was, it was very easy to put together had it out the box and up in 5 minutes! So light and easy to manoeuvre can be done one handed! My little boy loves it too as the seat is very open his view is never restricted and he likes to be nosey! Folds nice and small and the carry strap is great for airports! Love this pushchair! The lifetime guarantee is a bonus too!



loved it!


i used the yezz for school runs and shopping trips where spare boot space was essential. i then went on to use the yezz for my toddler when she was tired and it folded under her brothers pram when wasnt in use. such a light, nippy but surprisingly sturdy little pushchair. easily pushed one handed whilst holding onto another tearaway child. perfect for the mum on the run and will definitely be purchasing another for my son soon. the only thing i would change is a recline but my daughter still fell asleep comfortably



so easy to push, but terrible raincover


I already own a one of the lightest strollers on the market that can be carried on flights, but was impressed that the Yezz is even lighter in weight and easy to carry post-nursery runs. It rolls so easily and my child seems to prefer its incline as it means she can sit up easier to see everything. If she falls asleep, I can even turn the Yezz around and pull her behind me, giving her more of an incline to fall asleep. Had to purchase a separate sunshade as the canopy on Yezz was not sufficient, but that's not a big deal. BUT the biggest weakness of this stroller is that the raincover is ABSOLUTELY terrible. Useless even. It folds up into its own bag, but even that is hard to do. It does NOT stay on the stroller even in light winds. Forget it if your child's a kicker. I don't know why Quinny designed it to be so bad when they charge you so much for you to buy it as an add-on accessory. So for now, the Yezz only comes out when we are sure there won't be rain or high winds! You've been warned...Quinny, come up with something better please!

London, United Kingdom




This is my first Quinny stroller and I definitely love it! Been doing a lot of research on finding a 'dream' stroller and this is it! Although I've had some problem on folding it but the problem's solved after I sprayed some WD-40 on it! I'm glad that I chose this rather than a umbrella folded stroller, they're bulkier and heavier compared to Yezz. Most importantly, my lil one loves it! Well done Quinny!

Oxford, United Kingdom


Super pram


So light, easy to fold and much easier to steer than traditional umbrella-fold buggies. It's great to be able to get the bus with a toddler and not worry about where the pram goes - on the floor by your feet; it's barely bigger than a rucksack. I have two toddlers and they fight over who gets to go in the Yezz so it's obviously very comfy. If there was a double version I'd buy it like a shot.

London, United Kingdom



4.7 15




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