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We guarantee that this product was manufactured in accordance with the current European safety requirements and quality standards which are applicable to this product, and that this product is free from defects in workmanship and material at the time of purchase. During the production process the product was subjected to various quality checks. If this product, despite our efforts, shows a material/manufacturing fault within the warranty period of 24 months, (with normal use as described in the user instructions) we will comply with the warranty terms and conditions. In this case please contact your dealer. For extensive information on applying the warranty terms and conditions, you can contact the dealer.

The warranty is not valid in the following cases:

- In case of a use or purpose other than described in the manual.
- If the product is submitted for repair through a dealer that is not authorized by us.
- If the product is not supplied to the manufacturer with the original purchase receipt (via the retailer and/or importer).
- If repairs were carried out by third parties or a dealer that is not authorized by us.
- If the defect is the result of improper or careless use or maintenance, negligence or impact damage to the fabric cover and/or frame.
- If the parts show normal wear and tear that may be expected from daily use of a product (wheels, rotating and moving parts etc.).

Warranty term
The warranty becomes effective on the date the product is purchased. The warranty period applies for a period of 24 consecutive months. The warranty only applies for the first owner and is not transferable.
What to do in case of defects:
After purchasing the product, keep the purchase receipt. The date of purchase must be clearly visible on the receipt. Should problems or defects arise please contact your retailer. Exchanging or taking back the product cannot be requested. Repairs do not give entitlement to extension of the warranty. Products that are returned directly to the manufacturer are not eligible for warranty.
This Warranty Clause conforms to European Directive 99/44/EG of 25 May 1999.


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