Make it easy on yourself and simplify your life with these practical accessories to match the Quinny pushchair of your choice.

  • From birth solution

    Foldable carrycot

    For Moodd, Buzz Xtra

    The Foldable Carrycot fits the Quinny Moodd and Buzz and offers optimum lie-flat sleeping comfort for your newborn up to around 6 months.

  • Keep your baby warm


    For Buzz Xtra , Zapp Xtra, Quinny Zapp , Moodd

    Baby, it’s cold out! This footmuff keeps your child up to 2 years snug and warm in freezing temperatures. Available end of May 2013.

  • Protect your baby from sunburn


    For Moodd, Buzz Xtra , Zapp Xtra, Quinny Zapp

    Walking in sunshine? Absolutely! Just don’t forget to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from the sun.

  • You want a four wheel?

    Moodd four wheel unit

    For Moodd

    Prefer a 4-wheel stroller? This easy to install front wheel unit transforms your 3-wheeler into the 4-wheel stroller of your dreams.

  • Have a drink!

    Quinny Cup Holder

    For Buzz Xtra , Zapp Xtra, Moodd, Quinny Zapp

    For your tall latte macchiato or junior’s juice: this clip-on cupholder carries your drinks without spilling.


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