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The Quinny Yezz is designed using the latest technology and lightest materials, this award winner lightweight buggy is strong, durable and easy to use and is ideal for tracking every challenge in the city. When not in use, the shoulder strap of the Yezz leaves both your hands free.

Why choose Yezz?

  • Lightweight


    Made of an extremely strong IXEF® high performance plastic, the Quinny Yezz is a featherweight buggy champion: only 5 kg! The superfast fold makes it easy to switch from pushing to carrying the Yezz when needed.

  • Easy to carry over your shoulder

    Easy to carry over your shoulder

    The great thing about the Quinny Yezz is that it switches from pushing to carrying in seconds, making it the ideal lightweight travel partner.

  • Ultimate compact package

    Ultimate compact package

    Super innovative, the Quinny Yezz features a unique 3D folding system. Fold and unfold in the blink of an eye, so you can switch from pushing to carrying - and back again in no time at all.

Included accessories

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Highlighted accessory: Travel Bag

When you travel a lot this travelbag is the perfect solution to transport your buggy. Easy in use with two zippers and a shoulder strap. 

Highlighted accessory: Travel Bag

Lifetime Warranty

Never stop strollin'

Parenting just got a little bit easier! A Quinny Lifetime Warranty is given to everyone who buys a brand new Quinny from January 1st 2015 and registers within three months after purchase. So don’t forget to register!

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