Make it easy on yourself and simplify your life with these practical accessories to match the Quinny stroller of your choice.

  • Travel in Style


    For Senzz™, Moodd™, Buzz™

    The Quinny Dreami bassinet attaches easily to the Quinny Moodd and Buzz to give your baby a fully reclined place to rest during the journery.

  • Protect your baby from the sun


    Walking in sunshine? Absolutely! Just don’t forget to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from the sun.

  • Happy travels

    Maxi-Cosi Mico AP

    For Buzz Xtra™, Zapp Xtra™, Moodd™, Moodd™ by Britto

    Happy travels are ahead with the Maxi-Cosi Mico® AP infant car seat that makes each journey with baby easier and safer!

  • Keep your baby warm


    For Zapp Xtra™

    Baby, it’s cold out! This footmuff keeps your child up to 3½ years snug and warm in freezing temperatures.

  • Have a drink!


    For Zapp Xtra™

    For your tall latte macchiato or junior’s juice: this clip-on cupholder carries your drinks without spilling.

  • Moodd raincover

    With the Quinny Moodd raincover you're always ready to go in any weather.

  • Multi-Model Adapter

    Multi-model Infant Car Seat Adapter

    For Moodd™

    It's so easy to place your car seat from the back of your car on the Quinny frame!

  • Need extra storage?


    For Moodd™, Buzz™

    The Quinny Box attaches to the rear axle of the Quinny Buzz or Moodd stroller with special hooks.

  • Easy travel

    Travel bag

    For Buzz™, Moodd™

    Pack your bag, pack your stroller and off you go!


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