Moodd around the world

Moodd around the world

Quinny’s stylish stroller is taking the world by storm! This stroller is launched with a stylish Fashion Runway in New York, an online flashdance competition in London, and glamorous Moodd-ful photoshoot in Berlin. We had a great window presentation in Milan, Italy. And Moodd’s to win in the Netherlands during a showcase at a well known pregnancy fair!

Quinny Moodd suits you best for urban style all over the world.

Italy: Shopping window

UK: Dance competition

Quinny Moodd in the world Italy

Quinny Moodd in the world facebook

Holland: Showcase cube

USA: Catwalk Moodd

Quinny Moodd in the world trade fare

Quinny Moodd in the world USA

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