Quinny’s new ultra-light and ultra-smart buggy, the Yezz

Quinny yezz light and smart buggy

The bus or tram is coming round the corner. With your bag in one hand and your child in the other, you have to try and squeeze yourself and the buggy through the open doors….. Quinny now offers a smart solution for these awkward moments.

The award winning Quinny Yezz has been specially designed to easily switch between pushing and carrying the buggy. The buggy weighs only 5 kg and, with only one simple move, can be folded into a highly compact package that you can carry on your back, making sure that the parent keeps his or her flexibility and freedom. The Quinny Yezz is fitted with skating wheels, giving the buggy an urban look and maximum manoeuvrability

In 2012 the Quinny Yezz has won the Red Dot and the IF Design award, both awarding the product for its innovative design.

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