Miami Collection

Miamify your look. Meet Quinny’s new limited edition

Quinny is always looking for innovative ideas and moves beyond the mainstream. If you think the same way and looking for something special, the Miami-look is just right for you - because it offers the perfect alternative to daily grind.

Embracing the Miami vibe

In Miami, beach life goes hand in hand with high-end fashion. The vibrant city life takes place against the background of the typical pastel facades with their buzzing neon signs. No wonder the Miami look inspires fashionistas all around the world.

Miamify your look

Quinny has given two popular models a complete makeover. Or as Quinny puts it: ‘we have Miamified them!’ Both the ultralight Quinny Yezz and the super flexible Zapp Xtra2 are now available in Pink Pastel and Blue Pastel, with neon accents that brighten up the strollers even more. Think pink with juicy red, or blue with shiny lime. Soon, subtle hints of Miami will be spotted all around the world.

Become an eye-catcher

Quinny offers bold style choices in a design that works for those parents who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. With Quinny’s new colours, you add a touch of Miami to your look. Pick the Miami stroller that matches your style and walk your own way!

The new Miami limited edition will be available through selected Quinny resellers 

To see the Zapp Xtra2 please click here

To see the Yezz please click here


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