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Never stop strollin'

Whenever you're on the move with your little one, we want you to walk without worry. Now, we can't smooth out the bumpy road in front of you, but we can make sure that wherever you may go, you always feel confident about the quality of your Quinny.

When you register your brand new Quinny, we give you an unlimited guarantee: Quinny Lifetime Warranty. This means that for as long as you use your stroller, we've got you covered. We promise.

Should you run into any problems with your stroller or carrycot, we will be happy to help you out. We’ll do a thorough quality check and come up with the best solution for you. Please note that Quinny Lifetime Warranty is not transferable to the next owner, for example when you give away or sell the product.

Please check Warranty terms and conditions with your local Agent.

Register on time

To get your Lifetime Warranty, it is necessary to register your stroller or carrycot within 3 months of the original purchase. Please note, if you register your Quinny product after this period, we give our generous 24-month Warranty to all new owners.

We want you to enjoy your Quinny the best way possible. So never hesitate to call us, anytime, anywhere.

Parenting life just got a little bit easier.

Register your Quinny Lifetime Warranty FAQ

Terms & Conditions
Quinny offers a voluntary manufacturer's Warranty that reflects our confidence in the high quality of our design, engineering, production and product performance of our Quinny products. We confirm that our products are manufactured in accordance with the current European safety requirements and quality standards which are applicable to our products, and that our products are free from defects on materials and workmanship at the time of purchase. 

How to claim your Lifetime Warranty?

If you have registered your Quinny pushchair/stroller or carrycot within 3 months after the original purchase and you are the first user we offer you, Lifetime Warranty. Subject to the standard Warranty conditions our Lifetime Warranty covers all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship when used in normal conditions and in accordance with our user manuals and other published product guidelines. 
To request repairs or spare parts under our Warranty for defects in materials and workmanship you must present your proof of purchase, your Lifetime Warranty certificate and any form of personal identification.

In principle, we pay for shipment and for return freight connected to service requests under the Warranty. Damage not covered by our Warranty can be handled at a reasonable fee. 
Our Lifetime Warranty does not apply to (1) defects caused by normal wear and tear, (2) damage caused by accidents, abusive use, negligence, fire, liquid contact or other external cause, (3) damage which is the consequence of failing to comply with the user manuals or other published guidelines of Quinny, (4) damage caused by use with another product, (5) damage caused by service by anyone who is not a representative of Quinny, or (6) if the product is stolen. Examples of normal wear and tear include wheels and fabric worn down by regular use and the natural breakdown of colours and materials due to the normal aging of the product.

What to do in case of defects:

Should problems or defects arise, we advise you to stop using the product until it has been repaired or replaced.  Your first point of contact is your Quinny dealer or retailer. Our Lifetime Warranty is recognized by them. You must present your proof of purchase, your Lifetime Warranty certificate and any form of personal identification.

Rights of the consumer:

A consumer has legal rights pursuant to applicable consumer legislation, which may vary from country to country. The rights of the consumer under applicable national legislation are not affected by this warranty.
Our Warranty is governed by the laws of The Netherlands and is in compliance with the European Directive 99/44/EC of 25 May 1999.
This warranty is provided by Maxi Miliaan BV, trading as Dorel Netherlands. We are registered in The Netherlands under company number 17060920 and with our registered office at Helmond. Our main trading address is Korendijk 5, 5704 RD Helmond, The Netherlands, and our contact address is P.O. Box 6071, 5700 ET Helmond, The Netherlands. 

Standard 24 months Warranty:

If the Lifetime Warranty is not applicable for you, we still offer you a generous 24 months Warranty. Please read the terms and conditions published on our website.

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