Quinny welcomes Spring with singing colours


The new vibrant colour collection matches your style perfectly

This spring, the city streets are going to look more colourful than ever before. That’s because Quinny is expanding the colour range on three of its popular strollers: the Moodd, the Yezz and the Zapp Xtra². Fresh, new and bold, the spring colours reflect the attitude of urban parents. Perfect for parents who want to leave a splash of colour wherever they go.

In the cloud

Quinny has added a limited edition of fresh and vibrant colours to the collection. Driven by the constant urge to develop, Quinny always keeps an eye on the latest trends. For this new exclusive colour range, Quinny has defined the trend ‘In the cloud’ inspired by sensational developments in architecture, fashion and design.

As Quinny’s lead stylist Marlies Snels puts it: ‘In society we see a merging of the online and the offline world. Something dreamy and airy can be energetic at the same time. This translates into bright, vibrant and explosive colours.’ The colours that Quinny has picked are energetic yet dreamy at the same time, and valuable additions to the colours Quinny already carries.

Moodd, perfect for anyone with an eye for design


quinny moodd spring collection 2014   quinny moodd spring collection 2014

Quinny’s majestic stroller, the Moodd, is a perfect mix of style and functionality. Its features, such as quick automatic unfolding and easy folding, form a perfect combination with its bold design. It’s adaptable, sophisticated and stylish.. Quinny has created two new statement colours that underscore the high fashion appearance of the Moodd: Sulphur and Violet.

Yezz, transforms every city into a playground


quinny yezz spring collection violet          quinny yezz spring collection sulphur yellow

Quinny’s travel hero, the ultra-lightweight Yezz is now available in two vibrant new colours. Quinny’s lead stylist Marlies Snels explains: ‘The trend to combine big colour sections into an architectural and futuristic look was the inspiration for the new colours of the Yezz. Its geometrical shape makes it the perfect carrier for these bold new colours.’

The Yezz will be available in shades of Sulphur and Violet

Zapp Xtra², the flexible solution has become extra fashionable



The flexible Zapp Xtra² stroller takes you everywhere.. It’s compact, lightweight & comfortable and now available in two extra fashionable and eye-catching colours: Violet Syrup and Black Syrup.

Quinny continues to demonstrate their appreciation for daring solutions, their attention to detail and the sheer beauty of good design. The new colours are perfect for the fashionable parent who is always on the move.


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