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Buzz Xtra™

The bold explorer

The rugged, all terrain stroller that gets you wherever you want to go in style, ease, and comfort.

The new Quinny® Buzz™ Xtra takes your favorite stroller to the next level. Designed to be easy to use, the Buzz Xtra features an easy fold system so storing it away is simple. It also unfolds automatically with a unique hydraulic system that lets you get on your way quickly. The new never-flat, all terrain tires allow you to easily conquer the path in front of you. The quiet action canopy is now much larger and includes a visor for better protection from the sun. Tailored, durable materials on the updated basket provide the perfect space for your weekend gear. The rugged Buzz Xtra stroller lets you experience life your way.

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A setting for every age

Quinny Buzz Xtra

Why choose Buzz Xtra?

  • Ready to explore

    Ready to explore

    City challenges are no match for the Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller. Move around smoothly without any hassle, locking the swivel front wheels on rough terrain.
  • Smart travel system

    Smart travel system

    A practical 3-in-1 travel system, use the Quinny Buzz Xtra with a Tukk for your newborn baby's sleeping comfort. Match it with a Maxi-Cosi baby car seat for a smooth transition from car to stroller or vice versa.
  • Unfolds automatically

    Unfolds automatically

    One push of a button is all it takes: the Quinny Buzz Xtra unfolds automatically, thanks to the unique gas springs. You will love how easy it folds, too!


  • Foam filled all terrain tires

    Foam filled all terrain tires

    The Buzz Xtra foam filled all-terrain tires ensure a smooth ride on any terrain.
  • XL sun canopy

    XL sun canopy

    The Quinny Buzz Xtra XL has an extra large protective sun canopy to enjoy sunny days out.
  • Large shopping basket

    Large shopping basket

    Shopping is made easy with the spacious, easy access shopping basket that holds up to 11 lbs.
  • Height adjustable pushbar

    Height adjustable pushbar

    The soft cushion of the Quinny Buzz Xtra cradles your child in comfort from the time your child is able to sit independently to 50lbs.
  • water repellant fabrics

    water repellant fabrics

    The Quinny Buzz Xtra seat cover is water repellant, so simply wipe-clean any spills.
  • Comfortable seat cushion

    Comfortable seat cushion

    The soft cushion of the Quinny Buzz Xtra cradles your child in comfort from the time your child is able to sit independently to around 50 lbs (3½ years).

  • Two-way reclining seat

    Two-way reclining seat

    Choose from two reclining positions for Xtra sitting comfort.
  • Swivel wheel

    Swivel wheel

    City challenges are easy to take with the Quinny Buzz stroller. Move around smoothly, locking the swivel front wheel on rough terrain.

Included Accessories

  • Buzz Xtra Adapters
    Buzz Xtra Adapters
  • Buzz Xtra Shopping Basket
    Buzz Xtra Shopping Basket
  • Buzz Xtra Sun Canopy
    Buzz Xtra Sun Canopy

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Rating & reviews

Not Happy


This is one of my many strollers and I did love it at first But after a month of using it the rear tire kept going flat, I replaced the inner tube TWICE! and still having the same issue, Called customer service and have not received a call back .... Felling likeI spent over $1,000 in this stroller, accessories and spare parts for nothing because I haven't used it like I was expecting to.

New York


Buying my second in 10 years


My first quinny buzz was second hand and I passed it down. Great for city, light hiking, travel through airports. Super resilient. Love this product. All the accessories were useful for me.

Oakland CA


It's ok, but doest have longevity


We have had the stroller for 8 months, I love that you can use the car seat with it and that the adapters are provided with the stroller. The seat is great the extended canopy is amazing comes in handy. loved the modern design. I went to buy buy baby 3 times before committing to this stroller, the hydrolic lift and the light frame was what convinced me. although the matte metal finish on ours shows scratches very easily, making it appear worn out. We use ours at most 3 times a week for about an hour each time. Sometimes less. I can go for weeks without using it also , I don't go out much. The wheels are solid black on ours and I think after the a months use or even sooner the tires turned into a gray used look, from using it on sidewalks and pavement. I condition the tires with a wax you use on cars so the plastic holds its shine and it's helped, the hydrolic lift on ours is slow sometimes or I have to tug on it now to lift. Entire handle bar was a bit wiggly at first but I figured it was normal, now though the lright side is completely loose, it hangs lower and the lock gets stuck to lower it, I'm assuming it's because the handle bar isn't aligned properly. It's definitely upsetting that I'm having this issue knowing that it's already giving out, when I feel like I haven't even given it full use. I feel that I took very good care of our stroller, I wouldn't even let my younger kids push it in fear that they would hang from it or run it into something and scratch it.i like to upkeep it because I get asked by strangers about my stroller, many compliments etc. I think I've used the actual seat about 5 times. Now i second guess using the stroller because it locks and I struggle to get it to close. I have contacted customer service about the issue. Although I purchased ours at an authorized dealer ijune 2017 the warranty doesn't cover it because it was manufactured 2014. So I most likely won't have a resolution.



Works Well, I'm pleased.


I have used this stroller for two children, the first of whom is now a toddler. The stroller is easy to maneuver, easy open and close, and it looks nice. Using the stroller with the car seat is perfection. However, It is extraordinarily heavy once converted to using the seat for toddlers. I also wish the foot rest was adjustable.



Safe, sleek, sturdy


We have used this stroller for two years. I purchased it after a lot of research. I love that my baby could face me on walks instead of facing out. The hydraulics system is impressive and helpful. It folds easily and super easy to load in the car by myself. I love the look and the design. I always get compliments on it. It is comfortable for my baby and now toddler. We used this with our maxi cost car seat and it worked well. Most importantly, my child and husband were hit by a moving vehicle operated by texting driver. The frame, design, and buckling system protected my child with no major injuries. The frame is now distorted and it is scratched up but the design withstood a parent's WoRST nightmare. We will definitely purchase a replacement stroller. The only negative is the lack of storage space. However, I wanted a stroller hat did not take up too much space or that was too bulky. I feel like that is an even trade off.

South Carolina


Unhappy customer


I purchased this stroller about a year and half ago for my first baby. Of course, I was all excited to use it at first but as time went on I noticed a lot of things that were very disappointing with this stroller. The storage underneath is NOT "large" like the description says. They gave me a rear defective tire where I have to pump it up once every week and then my lock latch eventually broke after 8 months of use. I tried calling their customer service and it was NOT a good experience. They want you to pretty much be without a stroller so they can do something like send parts for you to fix. Some people cannot live without a stroller. They should've sent a new one since I was under warranty and then had my old one sent in. My sister bought the nuna mixx and let's just say- I am beyond jealous of the functionality of that stroller. Spend the extra couple hundred and get a stroller like the nuna or uppababy

Manteca, Ca


Amazing !!


Extremely comfy ..my daughter is very fussy instantly falls asleep in it ..the tires got me through festivals in the rough terrain of patchy grass and it really does provide a smooth ride. I also can unfold it with one hand which is nice. Very easy to maneuver ...I love it

Philadelphia PA


Useful in multiple ways thanks to the different seats


We got this stroller with all 3 seats (foldable carricot, car seat and the seat cushion) as well as the car seat adapter which remains in the car, iso fixed. Our very first experience wasn't the best because there is quite a number of buttons and finding out which one does what isn't straightforward. However once we worked it out, there is not much to we can complain about: We travelled multiple times by plane, and it is folded quickly to go through security. We first had a car with a smaller trunk and removing both wheels was necessary, but even then it is a matters of seconds. Jogging is also perfectly fine as long as the tyres are well pumped. The only real drawback is that the shopping basket isn't exactly big. Which isn't really surprising since it is a compact model. The solution we found is to have two hooks at the top to carry the bags. Just be careful not to put too much weight!

München, Germany




I don't like the stroller-it is extremely hard to fold it once it is unfolded. It's also bulky & heavy



Front wheel locks and it gets stuck


I received this stroller as a present on my baby shower and was so excited to use it because I heard so many moms raving about it now my baby is 15 month old and the maneuver is so challenging. The front wheel gets stuck and it almost trips. I love the confort it provide but not the maneuver so disappointed !! I contacted customer service and I was never called back!!

Tampa fl


Buzz Xtra™

3.6 25



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