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Revolutionary Design –Unfolds automatically & folds easily!

The Moodd is a bold statement by Quinny. This city-smart stroller is a perfect mix of style and functionality. For anyone with an eye for design, this is the obvious choice. Plus, it offers intelligent features, such as quick automatic unfolding and easy folding. Adaptable, sophisticated and stylish, the Quinny Moodd is ready to explore the neighborhood and claim the streets.

Why choose Moodd?

  • Unfolds automatically

    Unfolds automatically

    One push of a button is all it takes: the Quinny Moodd unfolds automatically, thanks to the unique gas spring. You will love how easy it folds, too!

  • Smart travel system

    Smart travel system

    The Quinny Moodd is a great 3-in-1 travel system. Add the Quinny Tukk Foldable Carrier to make it the perfect pram from birth. Match it with a Maxi-Cosi baby car seat for a smooth transition from car to stroller or vice versa. Let your child travel in style in the Moodd as a stroller.

  • Two way reclining seat from birth

    Two way reclining seat from birth

    The Quinny Moodd stroller reclines to fully flat to suit your newborn baby. As your baby gets older, you have the choice to have baby face you or away from you.


  • High protection sun canopy

    High protection sun canopy

    The highest (50+) UV protection for your child to safely enjoy sunny days out.

  • Detachable wheels

    Detachable wheels

    The Quinny Moodd folds easily into a compact package. Simply take off the wheels for extra compact storage at home or in the back of the car.

  • Shopping basket

    Shopping basket

    Shopping is made easy with the spacious, easy access shopping basket, that holds up to 11 lbs.

  • Adjustable pushbar

    Adjustable pushbar

    The pushbar of the Quinny Moodd adjusts to the right height for you to stroll in comfort.

  • Repellant fabrics

    Repellant fabrics

    The Quinny Moodd seat cover is water and dirt repellant, so simply wipe-clean any spills.

  • Adjustable footrest

    Adjustable footrest

    The footrest adjusts easily to allow for your child’s relaxed afternoon nap.

  • Wheel suspension

    Wheel suspension

    The wheel suspension absorbs every bump in the road for a smooth stroll on any surface.

  • Swivel wheel

    Swivel wheel

    Move around smoothly without any hassle or lock the swivel front wheel on rough terrain.


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Rating & reviews

Most amazing stroller


I cannot say how much my baby and I love this stroller. The design is absolutely amazing. I love how the baby rides up high where I can see him. I love the 3-wheel design. It turns of easily and it rides so smoothly! I live in NYC so we're never in the car, we take this stroller everywhere. It goes over everything, our bumpy sidewalks. I also bought the Tuk bassinet and my baby has been sleeping in this stroller every night and every nap since he was born! He is so comfy in there. We absolutely love it... we can take his bed with us, no need for pack and play!! The only negative review I agree with is that the carrying basket is a little small. Whatever, we deal. I'm so happy with this and the design of course is incredible. I get stopped all the time and asked about it. Overall this stroller has helped us get through the first 6 months of our baby's life and I'm so thankful I bought it. Also it's extremely reasonably priced vis a vis other strollers.

Brooklyn NY


My fav pram


I got this pram last year. It was the 1st and last pram i looked at. Loves the colour loved the shape of it. Now my daughter is 13mths and i still love it. It blocks the sun out ,its comfy, you can have it sitting upright or lying back. Now there is a few things that annoy me about it. But again it wouldnt make me tell people not to buy it. . . The noises come off it as if handles are gonna snap or as if it needs oiled. I have the white frame and some parts are coming peeling off. And you cant hold loads of shopping while pushing it. Is there a bag you can get for it!!! And what is the 2 white buttons on the front frame of the pram is it for a bag!! Ill put a pic up of it



OWNER Since 2012 to 2018 Present - Detailed Review


Me: A father of 2 boys. 5 and 2 1/2 as of this posting date. I am very hands on with everything I own. Guns, cars, tools so believe me when I say I have done my fair share of breaking this stroller down to know a lot about its ins and outs. 7 Years of Ownership (2nd frame and 3rd set of wheels) PROS: - Style, the looks you get and questions and side remarks from people are non stop. Even now after 7 years we are getting oo's and aaah's. - Simplicity in design, the MOODD is simple. It's a very well put together piece of design. - Will handle a little off the beaten path and with regular maintenance will keep going. (see cons) - Quinny as a company replaced my creaky frame but the replacement is still creaky. But they made me cut the brake line to the other frame as a condition of sending me a replacement frame...it is what it is CONS: - Terrible front wheel design - Has double flat wheels causing the front wheels to shake erratically even when taking a light walk down the street. They should be convex like the rears for better mobility. I believe that in conjunction with the way the frame holds up was causing my sons head to shake so much while in the stroller. Not a smooth ride. (note I did get 3 new replacement wheel sets and each time this was an issue) - Frame had to be replaced due to excessive creaking. Over time the frame creaks everywhere. I have tried oiling hinges and areas, do frequent maintenance on the entire stroller and wheels (at least every 2 weeks) but again it just fails as an overall product. Again these problems started occurring a few months into ownership. Not after excessive use for 7 years. But to be fair it hasn't gotten worse. It's just steadily creaky and flexes a lot. - Rear wheel replacement fails to retain the air in. I have to pump it up every single day. The original ones loose air as well but it's more gradual as it should be for inflated tires. No rips or installment issues just lemon.

La Crescenta, CA




We purchased the Special Edition Rachel Zoe edition. I was so excited to start using it....... I have come to HATE it! First the buckle straps, omg its such a pain to strap our baby in. You have to clip both straps together before inserting it onto the bottom latch. Second the storage compartment is SO SMALL!!!!!! You can fit a coupls diapers, bag of wipes & a small toy, that's it. And even then wouldn't trust it since anything can just fall out. Plus part of the metal frame runs through it, it's just horrible. The canopy is small, it's just a bad investment, save your money & get a practical stroller, it looks very nice but that's it. Definitely regret buying, I honestly would like my money back. Gets me frustrated just thinking about the thing.

Glendale Ca




I hate three things about this stroller: 1) Brake and release system - It is SO DIFFICULT to push down on the brake and release pedals....so much so that I thought I had a defective model when I first received my stroller. I searched on the internet and found out that others had similar problems so I stomped down on the brake and it worked. The biggest problem I have about the brake is that it is unsafe. I have another stroller and when I push down on the brake, it DOES NOT MOVE AT ALL. I could be literally kicking it or trying to push it downhill and it WILL NOT MOVE. This however does not do this. I stomped on the brake and gave it some force to push it and it MOVES!! Major safety concern!!! 2) The threading for the straps is annoying. I don't even know if you can take off the entire strap so you can thread it through the other two higher or lower slots (it comes threaded through the middle one and you can't take it off). Maybe you can but Quinny's instructional video is useless because they use an older model in the video and the threading does not look like that anymore and the manual booklet has literally one sentence on it with a tiny picture. 3) The basket that comes with it is small. I hate that it only attaches with two tiny strips of velcro on opposite sides. I am not sure why they couldn't make it where the basket has a hole you could thread through the frame or something more secure. Bottom line, thank goodness I got this on sale or else I would have been furious about paying full price. I would have returned it but the place I got it from (authorized seller) makes you pay return shipping and I'm not about to pay that.

Houston, Texas


It's does last very long


I love this stroller but after a year it starts to wear down. The latch that is supposed to keep the stroller from unfolding no longer latches the handle so I can't fold it anymore. When I push my baby in it, it starts to squeak now. It's also very heavy when you're pregnant with baby #2. I'm really sad I won't be able to use it for my next child cause I really did enjoy it.

Orlando, Fl


This stroller is amazing. I love them so much!


I have this stroller from my mother in law for baby shower and i very happy of them. I hove tons of compliment, then i went to walk or go to mall people stop open their mouth and look at my stroller. They said this is like a apple stroller or spase ship. Lol. I love my stroller verry much. It's so fun to walk and all eyes is on you.

Vancouver wa




This was a baby shower gift for me n it's was EYE CANDY every where I went with my baby girl it's cute it gilded on the ground smooth. I would buy any product from quinny

Brooklyn, NY, USA




I got the Moodd as a gift last year. We are stationed in Naples Italy. We thought it would be great for the cobblestone and unpaved roads. We were wrong. CONS: 1. It's heavy. I can barely lift it up and put it in the back of our full size VW. The wheels are a battle to get into the trunk 2. When I fold it down, it pops back up. I have to try two to three times just to get it to stay, and when I do life it...it pops back up....I hate it. 3. It's big. The seat it small, the sun canopy is even smaller. 4. It rattles and creaks. 5. This stupid cup holder never stays on. 6. NOTHING fits in the shopping basket. 7. The breaks stink. They don't lock and when they do I have to fight to unlock them. PRO: It looks good. Someone asked if it was a UFO. People stop and ask me what kind of stroller it is. I say an overpriced one and you're better off buying another brand. This is our secondary stroller....and I avoid used it as a secondary stroller a lot.

Naples, Italy


The Mother of all Strollers!


I always wanted to own this stroller and when I finally got my hands on it, I was in love! Though it's a bit heavy, it's really classy, a head-turner, and has so many alternative ways to use it! Very smooth and can be push with one hand very easily! I just really wish it had cup holder like all regular inexpensive strollers and a peekaboo window on the top :) Overall great product!

Texas, USA



3.6 12



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