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Zapp Flex Plus


Meet the Zapp Flex Plus: Comfortable, flexible and perfect from birth with a Lux Tukk or Mico car seat. With its 4 large wheels and fully reclinable seat, it is the perfect compact travel system.
  • Closed pushbar
  • Two-way flex seat
  • Four large wheels

A setting for every age

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Why you'll love it

  • Two-way flex seat

    Two-way flex seat

    Reclines fully flat both ways
  • Four large wheels

    Four large wheels

    Always a smooth ride
  • Closed pushbar

    Closed pushbar

    Easy one-hand pushing




    Shield your child from the sun, wind and rain (UV 50+)


    Simply wipe away any spills


    Easy 3D folding mechanism


    Bring everything you want


    Click down and lift up


    Highly manoeuvrable


    Easily click your Maxi-Cosi® Car Seat in or out

Zapp Flex Plus From Birth Solutions

The cozy Zapp Lux Tukk or a Maxi-Cosi Mico Car Seat – The Zapp Flex Plus easily transforms into the perfect from-birth travel system. One frame fits all, so you can easily switch between them. Super compact and beautifully designed, these will definitely make heads turn.


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Rating & reviews

Love it but where's the accessories?


I purchased the quinny flex plus. I love this stroller. I think it's excellent for getting around on the go. It's super light and my baby LOVES sleeping in it. The basket looks small but actually holds a good amount! My only problem. Where are the accessories!?!?!?! I can't find the things I see European stores have for this stroller. Like a bumper bar? Airy sun canopy???? I really would love those things and If quinny decided to make a snack tray then this would for sure be home run. Where can I purchase the bumper bar and canopy quinny!!!????

Great neck ny


My husband and I love it!


This is a great stroller. It is sleek and stylish, which was important to me, but still feels secure and safe. The stroller is easy to maneuver and fold. I also like the storage space to keep items and the cup holder is a nice touch too!

Providence, RI


I want the buggy board


Hi I really need the buggy board for my wuinny zap extra 2 and I don't know where to find it



Highly Recommend


I received the Zapped stroller free of charge in order to provide a fair and honest review. I love it. Folds down for easy storage, easy to carry, rolls smooth, comfy/easy to push. Lots of room in the storage area below too. The ability to swap out the stroller seat with my car seat (Maxi-Cosi) is a huge benefit too, as my daughter is only 3 months old and we only use the car seat for transport and strollering right now. It looks great too, as a bonus! I highly recommend!

Akron, Ohio


Zapp stroller


I received the Zapped stroller free of charge in order to provide a fair and honest review. The stroller itself is awesome. It isn`t too big and doesn`t take up a lot of space.. I received the stroller in all black but believe it comes in different color combinations. It comes in a box that makes it seem as if it`s going to be big and bulky however it is not.. The stroller is rather sleek and is easy to assemble. Once out of the box and being used it works very well. The wheels didn`t stick or turn in opposite directions like they do on other strollers. I would definitely recommend this stroller to be purchased by other moms. The amount today space that the stroller has is enough to hold baby or toddler basics. Overall I think this is an excellent stroller and the fact that it`s not super expensive helps. Even though I got mind for free in exchange for this review.

Kansas City


The perfect stroller


I received the Zapp Flex Plus free to review and I cannot say enough good things about this stroller! I put this stroller together with barely having to pick up the directions. I had it set up within minutes after opening the box. My favorite feature of the stroller is how compact it is. I have a smaller sedan and it only takes up a quarter of my trunk. Making trips to the store easier. Unlike other strollers I don`t have to remove the stroller before going to the store. I love that the wheels are foam and not inflatable. I have owned other strollers that had inflatable wheels and went to use them only to find the tire pressure was low. Another feature I am in love with is the adjustable seat. When my son falls asleep I can easily recline him back. The canopy is also provides extra coverage which is great for our long trips to the zoo. Overall after many uses with this stroller from mall trips to trail walks I could not find one aspect of this stroller that I did not like. It`s even more compact than even your typical umbrella style stroller and much much more stylish.

West Bloomfield, MI


Highly recommend


I reeceived this stroller for the purposes of giving my honest opinion. Overall I liked the stroller. Initially I got tripped up on the instructions , just but make sure you click the (#1) button in before lift the handle section. I love that the wheels swivel I find that most strollers will not turn so easily. My daughter enjoyed the reclining feature, super convent.Lastly I was thrown off a little with the storage at the bottom but pleased to see an attachment for additional storage. Overall great sturdy and reliable stroller. Highly recommend.

Chicago, IL


Super cute but heavy and hard to fold


I was so excited when I got this in the mail. The stroller was super easy to get out of the box and immediately put together. I did it myself, so believe me, it was easy! It probably took 15-20 min total. No tootls required. This stroller has a bag for carrying little items, a basket, and a cup holder. Plenty of room to hold your things for one child on a day out. This stroller rides really smoothly and can turn corners really well. I was super impressed with its move ability. You also have the ability to turn the basket around to face outward or inward so you can see baby. The negatives: it is extremely heavy. There is no way a pregnant mama should be carrying this. And while it does fold up small and compact, it doesn't help with carrying its weight. Secondly, it takes reading the book and 10 min to fold this thing up. Granted, when you get used to it it will be quicker, but boy did it take a lot of patience and time to do this the first few times. And with a baby waiting on you, it is way to hard. I love the quality, style, and extra perks that make this a great stroller. But, overall, I am not sure if the heaviensss and fold up capabilities are worth it. I'm conflicted on how many stars to give. I received this stroller in exchange for an honest review. I always provide honest reviews regardless of how I received the product.

Buckeye AZ


My son loves it!


I participated in a market study and received this product to evaluate. The zapp stroller is very lightweight and smooth to maneuver. All black makes it look very sleek. My son loves it! He does not put up a fight when I strap him in. (That`s a win in my book) I like the cup holder and the attachable bag that comes with it. (previous stroller I had doesn`t come with it and had to buy it as an extra accessory) The canopy is also great and covers my son just enough. Only complaints I have is there is no adjustable footrest and window there the canopy is.

Rohnert Park ca


A Nimble Stride and Smooth Ride!


As someone who already owns two comparably-priced strollers, I didn`t expect Quinny to provide anything more than the strollers I already own, but I was wrong. I received this stroller for free in exchange for a review, and my husband and I were both thoroughly impressed with this stroller from the moment we opened the box. First of all, this stroller is easy to install. We were ready to go on a walk with our baby in less than ten minutes after opening the box. No arguments, no internet searches, and no random extra parts. The process was simple and that made me like it right from the beginning. This stroller is lightweight and folds easily. Having a stroller that doesn`t fold easily is so frustrating and is a make or break deal for our family. This stroller passed the test with folding easily and fitting into the trunk of a sedan. Most importantly, our baby loved this stroller! It glides over any bumps and turns on a dime. The ease of going from parent facing or forward facing is great for keeping everyone happy. My husband`s favorite feature is the extended sunshade. It kept the bright sun out of our baby`s eyes and kept us from having to fuss around with hanging a blanket like we have with our other strollers. The only thing I would change is the mesh storage area. I prefer a more structured storage area to the flimsy mesh fabric. Overall, this stroller is just a great design with a sleek look. It takes a minimal approach in appearance while still providing everything you need and then some. Now I just wish it was available as a double for our two year old and 6 month old. Such a great product!

Salt Lake City, UT


Zapp Flex Plus

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